Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Modern Day Lahore - High End Living

Whenever the city of Lahore is mentioned, the first idea that pops up in one’s head is history and heritage. Yes, Lahore is known for its historical value but the modern era is taking its toll too on the city. Lahore has now expanded in size and is one of the most modern cities of the country. Housing high end restaurants, hotels, malls along with entertainment spots the city now projects high end living.

Areas such as Defence, Bahria Town and M M Alam Road reflect the newer and modern side of Lahore residing the posh community and providing them with facilities to support their high end living

The construction of malls such as Fortress Square, Mall of Lahore and many more, Lahoris now are provided with multinational brands whether considering clothing brands or food items. This has drastically improved the standard of living and further on provided the rich, luxuries within their reach.
Fortress Square Lahore
Lahore once known for its simple road side food shops and stalls now houses state of the art restaurants and hotels including Pearl Continental and Avari which introduce not only international cuisine but also bring a modern touch to the desi food. A new trend has been set with the establishment of multinational fast food chains such as Burger King and McDonald as well the introduction of high end cafes offering a range of delicious and unique drinks and snacks.
Pearl Continental
With the increasing high end living standards of Lahore, the introduction of international standard entertainment joints too has left a mark on the city. From golf courses to cinemas, arcade zones for children to beauty spas, the city of Lahore offers all facilities. The once simple city now has transformed to a city that offers new experiences to the natives in the form of a state of the art water park known as Oasis, camping and safari facilities at Rana Resort and many such places.
Rana Hunting & Luxury Resort
There was a time when women used to go out for buying UN-stitched clothes to places such as Anarkali and Saddar and would return to the tailors to get them stitched according to their liking. This trend is gradually vanishing due to the arrival of designer boutiques which offer a wide range of ready to wear products under one roof. Women now enjoy a higher living standard by simply purchasing ready made clothes from boutiques placed all over the city rather then getting into the hassle of buying UN-stitched materials and then running after the tailors to get them stitched.
As the standard of living is improving drastically in the city of Lahore, luxuries are more of a preference including trips to beauty salons and spas where both men and women have time to relax and get pampered. Whether it be Shapes or New Look, appointments are usually booked before time for the Lahoris to enhance their beauty and refresh then up.

High end lifestyle is also supported by the local availability of luxury imported vehicles with world renowned automobile companies such as Audi and Porsche setting up their dealerships in the city to provide luxury within reach.

A developing city, bring modernization to the area, Lahore is now a city that attracts the rich to spend their high end lives and benefit from the luxuries the city now has to offer.

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