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10 unique things about Lahore

There is a famous saying about the city of Lahore that even the little children say out loud with pride, JINAY LAHORE NI WEKHYA O JAMYA NAI! (The person who has not seen Lahore yet hasn’t been born). People often wonder why this saying or slogan is so famous. Well obviously its famous and holds vale due to unique things found in Lahore. Let’s have a look on some of the unique things of Lahore. 

As soon as the city Lahore is spoken about the first thing that clicks to the mind is food. How can it be possible to talk of Lahore without mentioning its unique food and the love of natives for it. Whether it be breakfast consisting of Halwa Poori or Paye to dinners consisting of BBQ or Taka Tak. Lahore houses 2 food streets known for their traditional food, one housing classic roadside food shops while the other consists of posh high quality restaurants. 

Another unique thing about Lahore is the night life of Lahore. With food shops open at almost every block, trucks playing classic folk songs and rickshaws rushing down the roads, this city just doesn’t want to sleep. Taking advantage of these roads are street racers and sport bikers roaring down streets.

Badshahi Mosque at Night
Canal Road
Theaters in Lahore are another unique asset of Lahore. Shows are usually held at night in which comics dramas are performed live for the audience usually consisting of labor class who tend to enjoy with such shows after a hard day of work.
Alhamra Lahore
If its left upon me, I shall refer to Lahore as shopping heaven. The saying, You name, it has it defines Lahore’s offering for shopaholics. Modern days malls e.g Mall of Lahore house Multinational brands and on the other hand markets such as Anarkali gives shopping a new meaning with small shops in tight streets giving the public access to locally made clothes, bangles and other traditional goods at cheap rates.
Mall of Lahore
When it comes to religion Lahore holds in shrines of several sufi saints, the most of which is Data Darbar, the shrine of Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery. The shrines are always full of followers how come to pray and show their affection towards saints by whether simply offering prayers or distributing of Langar (food)
Data Darbar
The canal divides Lahore into 2 parts and is often decorated with lights and floats depicting traditional culture attracting not only the natives but those in the suburbs of Lahore to pay a visit and adore the beauty too.
Canal Bank Road
Lahore also holds the largest zoo of Pakistan established in 1872. The zoo is a massive attraction for the locals giving them a chance to be up close with the wildlife and adore Allah’s creation. Often packed with families at weekends the Lahore Zoo is a major attraction in the city.
Lahore Zoo

How can it be that if talking about the uniqueness of Lahore, the Mughal Architectural buildings are left behind. Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque are just a few architectural gems placed in the city adored by tourists all over the world. The old Lahore and its gates, tight streets help Lahore establish a unique historical and cultural image.
Mughal Architecture Building
Lahore isn’t behind in sports too. On Sundays parks and streets are occupied by cricket fanatics playing in almost every corner of the city. Sport facilities such as Gadaffi stadium help Lahore maintain its uniqueness as it’s the biggest stadium in the country.
Ariel View of Gadaffi Stadium
Parks and garden are another unique feature of the city specially considering Shalimar Garden, Laurance Park and Jillani Park which hold historical meaning to the city as well as offer the natives chances to blend in with nature during their free time.
Shalimar Garden
Well there is a reason why they say Lahore, Lahore Aye! The cities values, culture and tradition make it stand out and makes sure that whoever visits the city for the first time admits to the fact that there is no city such as Lahore. 

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