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New Developments in Lahore

Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest city in the country. It is the historical center for the Punjabi people and most populated city of the world, with native Punjabi citizens. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural center of Punjab and Pakistan. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub.

It is ranked 25 in the most populated urban areas in the world and the 8th largest city within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Lahore has expanded almost double area-wise in the last 12 to 14 years. In 2010, Lahore was ranked as a Gamma+ world city. The Guardian has rated Lahore as the 2nd best tourist destination in Pakistan. It is 32 kilometers west of Amritsar in India and therefore, very close to Pakistan's eastern border.

We don't support any political party, government authority or department. Only purpose of this blog is to show the positive image of Lahore to the world.

1. Kalma Chowk Flyover

The Kalma Chowk intersection is one of the busiest in Lahore. Kalma Chowk Flyover is a flyover and a road bridge passing over the main square of Lahore. This flyover was made due to the heavy traffic on the Ferozepur Road. The two flyovers constructed at the location provide signal-free passage to traffic moving on Ferozepur Road. The completion of awe inspiring Flyover at Kalma Chowk in record 135 days is regarded as a monumental achievement by experts in the field of civil engineering.

The total cost of this project was Rs 1.3 Billion which includes the 575 Meters length of Flyovers with 3 lanes on each side thus resolving the traffic problem at the site. Chief Minister of the Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated it on August 14, 2011.

Height of underpass:       Full height 5.1 meters

Barrel width:                  15.3 meters and 12 meters (each)
Green planter:                3' Wide on either side of ramp
Central green planter:     5.2-meters
Commencement date:     11 December 2012
Completion date:            3 March 2013
Time for completion:       82 days
Project cost:                   Rs. 1746 million

2. Kalma Chowk Underpass

The Kalma Underpass is an underpass where east-west Main Boulevard Garden Town and Main Boulevard Gulberg join under north-south Ferozepur Road, connecting two southern suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan.

Total length of project:                3.0 km
Underpass length with ramps:    1070 meters
Barrel length:                             95 meters
Height of underpass:                  5.1 meters
Number of lanes:                        4 + 3
Barrel width:                              15.3 meters and 12 meters
Green planter:                                3' wide on either side of ramp
Central green planter:                5.2 meters
Commencement date:               11 December 2012
Completion date:                       3 March 2013
Time for completion:                 82 days
Project cost:                              Rs. 1746 million

3. Lahore Ring Road

The Lahore Ring Road is an 85-km long 6-lane high-speed limited-access or controlled-access orbital motorway around Lahore, Pakistan. It is linked to the M-2 Motorway and the N5 National Highway.

Length: 85 km
Lanes: 6 lanes
Speed limit: Universal minimum speed limit of 80 km/h and a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h for heavy transport vehicles and 120 km/h for light transport vehicles.

4. Fortress Square Mall

Fortress Square is set out to be Lahore's most happening shopping and entertainment destination. Located at the Fortress Stadium, welcomes more than 30,000 affluent shoppers from all corners of Lahore and out side, every day.

Sophisticated, trendy and upscale, The Fortress Square enhances the class of its already popular location. The mall accommodate only the most exclusive, and cater to the taste and style of Lahore's new breed of highly sophisticated shoppers. A place bringing together the finest fashion stores, global brands, luxury boutiques, and all kind of designer and life style goods under one roof. Besides spoiling its customer of choice; the Fortress Square itself serve as a heart warming experience for visitors for its choicest range of food and entertainment facilities, and luxuries.

Above all it is be a break through business location for every modern urban outlet. In addition there are two main attractions - cinema screens and food court.

The other interesting features of Fortress Square Mall are 
  • Indoor parking (Ample Car Parking: 3 Level and Roof top)
  • Centrally air conditioned with Stand by power generation
  • 2 Escalators going up and 2 going down
  • Escalators connecting the parking to the Mall
  • Management and Maintenance of International Standards
  • Branding and signage facilities for retailers
  • 50 x 80 feet atrium
  • Multi Screen Cinema
  • Play land
  • Food Court and Restaurants
  • Fire Escapes
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Garbage disposable system
  • Wide Corridors
  • Washrooms and baby changing rooms
  • Prayer Area
  • Information Desk

5. Canal Bank Road Underpasses & Flyovers

Canal Bank Road is a 3 lane road in Lahore that runs along the banks of the Lahore Canal passing through Harbanspura, Mughalpura, Gulberg, University of the Punjab and Thokar Niaz Beg. The road starts from Thokar Niaz Beg and ends at the village of Khera near the border with India. The total length of the road is approximately 30 km.

It contains a heavy traffic of Lahore travelling on it. It has been converted into a signal free highway by building underpasses and flyovers. There are at least 10 underpasses at crossings with Shalimar Road, Infantry Road, Mall Road, Jail Road, Chauhdry Zahoor Elahi Road, Ferozpur Road, Masood Farooqi Road, Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Johar Town Main Boulevard. It also has a flyover at Thokar Niaz Baig, where it merges into Multan Road before the entrance to the Motorway M2 towards Islamabad.

6. PU Link Road

After completing various overpasses and thoroughfares in record time, the Punjab government utilized Punjab University (PU)’s land to build a road linking Allama Iqbal Town to Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Faisal Town.

According to a news source, PU provided the land free-of-cost to the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The authority also built service roads to better utilize the varsity’s land and to prevent traffic congestion.
The LDA decided to construct the road at the cost of Rs1.7 billion. It was expected that road will benefit a huge population and can save fuel, time and energy.

7. Metro Bus Lahore

The Lahore Metro Bus System (MBS) is Pakistan's first bus rapid transit system that runs from Gajju Mata to Shahdara down Lahore's main artery, Ferozepur Road. The route has forty-five 18-meter-long articulated buses that run between twenty-seven stations along a 27 km corridor; nine stations are built on top of an overhead bridge.

It was inaugurated by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on February 11, 2013, in a ceremony attended by Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

8. Azadi Chowk Flyover and Circular Road

A flyover and an elevated roundabout have been constructed under this project at Ravi Road. The roundabout has three up-ramps and three down-ramps; two up-ramps and two down-ramps on Ravi Road, starting from Texali Chowk and ending at Timber Market and vice verse. One up-ramp and a down-ramp have also been constructed on Ahmad Ali Road. The overall length of the interchange is 2.53 kilometer.

New Circular Road was also part of this project, which has been completed at a cost of Rs 1.35 billion. Total length of this road is 1.6 kilometer. This dual carriage way is 14.7 meters wide on each side. Each side comprises of four lanes and every lane is 3.3 meter wide. A roundabout and two U-turns were also made on this road. This new road was started from Maulana Ahmed Ali Road and then connects Minar-e-Pakistan, Lorry Adda, Badami Bagh, Masti Gate and Circular Road.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the signal-free Azadi Chowk flyover and alternative route of new Circular Road on Sunday July 13, 2014. Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Shahbaz Sharif said Azadi Chowk Project was completed in a short period of less than six months. He said not only best travelling facilities will be available from it but precious time will be saved.

9. Muslim Town Flyover

The Flyover is one of the longest flyover (2655 Meters long) in the Pakistan which helped a great deal in solution of traffic problems of the Lahore City. The flyover pass over the Canal Road and Wahdat Road-Ferozpur Road intersection. 

Project Cost: Rs. 2.3 Billions

Number of Spans: 58
Width of Flyover 11 M (Flyover-1 & 2) and 8.1 M (Wahdat Road Slip)
Number of Lanes 3 No. (Flyover-1 & 2) and 2 No. (Wahdat Road Slip)

10. Pedestrian underpass at Azadi Chowk


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