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Locally Lahore Photo Walk 2015

Locally Lahore Team organized its 1st photo walk of spring season on Sunday 8th March, 2015 to promote Lahore's tourism and historical importance. The Walk started from Delhi Gate and ended at Gawalmandi Food Street. There were almost 25 participants in this walk. This event is only meant for photographers, its not general public and touring event. The participants got fresh photographs of Walled City's Historical, Domestic & Commercial Architecture, Streets Life of Walled City Lahore, Commercial Aspects and many more Faces of Lahore.

This Photo Walk was aimed at focusing the true face of Lahore where ordinary people find pleasure in everyday life moments. We experienced marvelous old architecture of domestic & commercial urbanized areas of walled city with detailed historical information from one of our leading team member Adil Lahorei. The walk lead by one of the best photographer of Lahore Mr. Yasir Nisar.

Photo walk main Route was Inside Delhi Gate to Gawalmandi Food Street. Due to rainy weather the walk started late. We reached at Delhi in morning and started walk passing through phool wali gali to Wazir Khan mosque. We visited mosque and Adil told some of the history of the beautiful mosque. We stayed at Mosque for 15 to 20 minutes. An ad film shooting was recording there. Then from mosque we moved to Mochi Gate passing through the small streets. There we visited Dena Nath Haveli and Mubarak Haveli. Also i bought desi food from there. Then on reaching Mochi Gate, we visited Nisar Haveli, Chohta Mufti BakirChowk Nawab SabMohala Teera Giraa, Mohala Laaht Maraa. Finally passing through these places we moved to Gawalmandi food street where was the arrangement of breakfast. From chamberlain road we reached at food street, Adil also took us to the Baking Virsa shop there.

Delhi Gate

The Dehli Gate was once the main and only road that led from Lahore to Dehli. The gate was built during the Mughal era. Although the gate suffered greatly in the 1947 riots, it has since been renovated and today is in its former glory.

The area around Delhi Gate was once an affluent neighborhood, where aristocrats, courtiers and wealthy merchants lived in grand havelis. Unfortunately, the genteel residents are long gone and their splendid havelis are crumbling. Narrow streets have become congested as residential and commercial areas have melded into one. Yet, some of the families living there have been doing so for generations.

Delhi Gate
Delhi Gate houses some of Lahore’s biggest markets and is always abuzz with activity. Azam Cloth Market, which is believed to be one of Asia’s largest, comprises approximately 25,000 shops selling fabric, draperies, shoes, as well as embroidery stalls. Nearby is Namad Garan, an old-fashioned spice bazaar. If you are looking for fine dining, Delhi Gate is not the place to be. But plenty of mouth-watering desi snacks are available including kachoris, pakoras, pathooray and naan channay.

Delhi Gate Street

Wazir Khan Mosque

Near the Gate stands the Masjid Wazir Khan, a famous landmark. Built by Nawab Wazir Khan, Governor of Lahore (1634-1635), it is a fine example of Mughal architecture. The mosaic tiles that adorn the walls are embellished with Arabic calligraphy. The Mosque is frequented by the faithful five times a day, every day.

It has 4 minarets but all are not built same time. The three of it are built together and one is built later. The forth minaret is not straight. There is a big Pool in the center of the mosque. Also there is a Tomb of Syed Muhammad Ishaq, in the mosque. There are many hujras (a separate room within the mosque for prayer in solitude) door which are closed now. 
Masjid Wazir Khan
Khaleefa Bakery

One of the best and famous bakers of Lahore.

Dena Nath Haveli

Haveli Dina Nath is situated in the Phoolon Wali Gali inside Delhi Gate, Lahore. The architecture of Haveli Dina Nath has been changed enough till the present day.

Out Side the Haveli

Mubarak Haveli

A colossal haveli built by Mir Bahadur Ali, Mir Nadir Ali and Mir Bahar Ali, sons of a well-known 'tabeeb' and 'hakeem' during the time of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. It took three years to build and when the three brothers moved in, Bahadar Ali's wife gave birth to a son. This was seen as a good omen and the 'haveli' was named Mubarak Haveli. The family continued to prosper in the field of 'medicine' and business. With time they branched off into two major components, the Fakir family and the Syed family.

In Lahore, If ever there was a haveli that could be labeled as among the oldest, and also the finest, without doubt it would be Mubarak Haveli, inside Mochi Gate area. It was here that the Koh-e-Noor Diamond was recovered from a trapped Afghan king. This 'haveli' has stories galore, ones that make history so interesting.

Mochi Gate

The Mochi Gate is a historical gate built during the Mughal period. In Urdu, Mochi means cobbler, which may indicate that the bazaar was once a market for shoes and repair shops. Another theory is that according to legend the gate was named after Moti, a guard of the gate during the Mughal era, who guarded and looked after the gate all his life. Later on, the name was distorted and became Mochi.

Today, the bazaar around the Mochi gate is renowned for its dry fruits, kites and fireworks. Mochi Gate is the entrance to the Mochi Bagh, where many renowned Pakistani leaders of past and present have delivered speeches.
Team Passing through Mochi Gate
Nisar Haveli

Nisar Haveli is an old mansion located inside mochi gate, walled city of Lahore.It is named 'Nisar Haveli' after Nawab Nisar Ali Khan Qizalbash (Late).

Nisar Haveli is the center of Mourning of Imam Hussain (a.s). Every year Lahore's Markazi Shabeh-e- Zuljanah of Yaum-e-Ashura emerges from Nisar Haveli Mochi gate that culminates at Karbala Gameshah. The route hasn't changed in over 150 years. Every year, as the sun descends on the ninth of Muharram, thousands of Shias make their way towards Mochi Gate in Lahore. From here, they walk through the maze of narrow streets in the walled city and reach Nisar Haveli.

Baking Virsa

Baking virsa has been serving food for last ten years. Another important thing is that you have to place order a day before and then go on the given time and enjoy your food. One of the oldest and finest 'Bakar khani' are made here. There orders go to England as well. And they complete the order in 3 days.

Gawalmandi Foodstreet

Food Street in Gawalmandi, Lahore is a center of traditional Pakistani food. Gawalmandi is basically very famous for their delicious and desi food. The site is surrounded by centuries-old buildings and places like landa bazaar, Mayo Hospital and Baansan-wala Bazaar.

As it was rainy weather that day still the photo walk went very good. Thanks to all the Participants who joined us and made this event successful. For more Pictures you can visit Locally Lahore Photo walk 2015 album on Facebook.

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